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Code example frame window
Code example frame window

Code example frame window

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This java example shows how to create frame window using Java AWT.

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Feb 22, 2015 - Returns the window itself, which is an array-like object, listing the direct sub-frames Example. var frames = window.frames; // or // var frames For example, the following code centers a frame onscreen: You can also specify that the frame have no window decorations at all, a feature that can be used For example, within the same window, one frame might display a static banner, a second a navigation menu, and a third the main document that can be scrolled

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Frames is an old-school way to split a browser window in several zones, so called frames, In the example below, the first frame is bordered by default, the second is In the latter case, the code is executed and the result is used as content. Recall that frames within a window are represented by Window objects; JavaScript makes little . For example, suppose code in frame A defines a variable i : Frames are individual segments of a window, each having its own page loading . For a 'live' example (from the above code) then Click Here (this will open in aExample. Change the location of the first <iframe> element (index 0) in the current window: window.frames[0].location = "";. HTML frames are used to divide your browser window into multiple sections where each . Let's see following example where a test.htm file has following code:

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